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Personalized to your school, your needs

Professional Development

We listen to leadership teams to create the professional development you need.  We align to your district and school initiatives for STEM education.  As elementary teachers, we understand the need to integrate reading and math standards.  Our teacher workshops are tailored for today's elementary teacher!

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Teacher toolkits

Each K-6 grade level tool kit includes three complete lessons that are ready to implement. Kits include lesson plans aligned to the 5E process and Arizona standards, trade books and materials to get started in STEM!  

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Follow up Support

We know professional development shouldn't end with one presentation.  We follow up with training in writing

5E lessons for classrooms.  Our team collaborates with primary and intermediate teachers to discuss and support their specific needs. Additionally, we will consult with your STEM leadership to create such things as STEM lab designs, after school programs and community connections. 

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Additional Services

No one school is like another.  Because of that, we are here to tailor learning and thriving with your STEM community.  From family support to paraprofessionals, we know you have a unique team to include.

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